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A skylight window is a neat way to add a new perspective to any room. Its addition also makes a room feel much more spacious. Should you be unable to make your home any more significant than it is but still want to make it feel more open and spacious, then the addition of a skylight is probably your best bet. Everyone should live in the home of their dreams, and adding a sky-facing window is one way of turning that wish into a reality.

Velux skylight in NYC

Whether you need a Velux skylight installed into your home or have one that needs repair, we can be of assistance. The installation process can be tricky; however, thanks to our incredibly skilled technicians, we can complete the job with no hassles or troubles. We can install a variety of Wasco skylights, all with different styles and shapes. Whether you are looking for a pyramid-style skylight or even just a flat version, we can turn your dreams into a reality. The addition of a skylight to any area of your home allows more natural light into the area and creates the appearance of the room is much bigger than it is. We recommend this for anyone who has a space that feels a little cramped.

On the other hand, should you already have a dome skylight, it is entirely possible that it can become damaged and start leaking. Several leaking skylight causes, such as the flashing needing to be replaced, the skylight was not installed or insulated correctly, or condensation is occurring. We ensure that any skylight we install adheres to all the requirements so that you do not have to wonder how to fix a leaky skylight.

Luckily, we can repair any leaking skylights. We offer some of the best professional roofing services, meaning that we can deal with any issues relating to them, including skylights. Whether you need the insulation to be changed or the entire skylight to be reinstalled, we are able and willing to help you solve the problem.

Skylight roofers in NY

Contact Smart Roofers NY for your New York skylights installation today. Should you need a skylight in Staten Island, a skylight in Brooklyn, or any other surrounding suburb, we are just one call away. Our skylights are some of the best available. We are confident that upon purchase, you won’t regret it.