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After buying a house or owning one for a long time, it is expected that even if you maintain it correctly, it costs you tons of money in repairs. That’s because buildings and houses are fragile and have many components that can get broken or damaged. Since no one desires to spend a fortune repairing a home, many decide to invest in their house’s resistance and install siding on it.

When referring to construction, siding is the protection you can install in your house’s exterior to protect it against external elements such as wind damage, snow damage, moisture, or fire. This process, also known as wall cladding, is highly effective since it significantly reduces the maintenance required to protect your house, making you save money.

Benefits of Siding

As mentioned before, if you install siding in your home, you are also entering a world of advantages and house improvements that you could have never imagined before having sidings.

Taking into consideration that a problem in your house or a malfunction could end up causing severe injuries to your loved ones or visitors, we recommend you to stay safe, and that’s why we offer you our siding services! Here are some of the benefits that installing siding could provide you:

Home Value

Siding is an excellent investment if you are thinking of selling your house in the future, and that’s because it considerably boosts your home value. Realtors consider siding a huge structural improvement to your original house, so if you install it, you can get more money from your sale.

Lower Maintenance Required

This process is not only a good investment for boosting your home value, but it also helps you save money in other ways! Since siding is meant to improve your house protection, you don’t need to worry about paying for maintenance services and spend your time checking if everything is alright.

Structural damage is also a severe problem for your home since it can cause other issues, and it’s challenging to notice it. However, siding can help you to detect and fix unnoticed structural damage.

Saves Energy

We know that energy bills can overwhelm you, representing a massive fear to many people at the end of the month. Everything that eases and lowers that bill is pure gold, and that is precisely what siding does. Siding adds a layer that works as an insulator, stopping wind and cold from entering your home.

Eliminates Painting Costs

Maintaining your siding is easy since you don’t need to do many things, and you don’t have to repaint them at all! People spend a lot of money painting their walls repeatedly, but siding provides excellent durability and color that can last as long as you want it to.

Siding Materials

Siding and roofing have a lot in common, being offered by the same companies and sharing similar processes. One of the best things is that Smart Roofers have the offer in common is the great variety of materials to work with, each having a particular advantage that makes them different from others. Here is a list of the most top materials Smart Roofers use in siding:

Wood Siding

This material is prevalent in the US, and that’s because it offers many options for you to choose from regarding your aesthetic. You can paint wood siding in the color that best suits your place, and since it’s a very flexible material, you can use it in many projects and constructions.

Metal Siding

Like many other services that use this material, metal siding is one of the most resistant types of siding that you can choose. This material offers a modern and elegant aesthetic that gives your house a sophisticated appearance, so don’t worry about it doesn’t look right. Aluminum is also used in this type of siding, offering a great variety of styles and colors.

Best Siding Distributers

Knowing which siding distributer to choose is always a tricky issue since you have to consider your location, personal choice, and the quality of the product they provide. However, many companies that offer advanced roofing and sidings agree that Certainteed siding suppliers are among the best in the business, so consider picking them to give you the materials you need.

Start to Install Your Siding Now!

Some people spend tons of hours looking for the best siding company and then struggle to find a roofing company, but that doesn’t happen with us. Smart Roofing NYC offers you one of the best siding services in New York and provides roofing services!

We all know how messy the weather can be in Brooklyn, NY 11234, and many other areas of the city, representing a severe threat to your house and buildings. Don’t let the weather cause your house any problem, because then your house can cause you problems! Get ready to install sidings in your home and feel completely safe and relaxed in a place with more protection and a great and modern aesthetic.

Vinyl Siding

Many reasons make vinyl a premium option when talking about siding. This material is marvelous for people working on a budget because of its low-price and that no money is spent maintaining it or repainting it. The only thing you need to do to preserve vinyl siding is clean it from time to time. Here are some other things that make vinyl a highly recommendable siding material:

Quick Installation Process

Vinyl is a light-weighted material, which makes the installation process much more comfortable and quicker. With vinyl, you are saving money by buying a cheap material and saving money from the installation, which can get expensive if you work with a heavier or more complicated type of siding.

Energy Efficient

Insulated vinyl siding in NYC is one of the best options on the market regarding siding and construction. This material works as the perfect insulator, making your house cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. The amount of energy you save just by installing vinyl siding is unbelievable. The material also gives other financial benefits, such as boosting your home value if you want to sell it later.


When choosing vinyl siding, you escape from any fear of having your house damaged by the weather. The people that live there know that the weather in Brooklyn 11231 is not something easy to deal with, but fortunately, vinyl is more than capable of dealing with that kind of weather. Even in extreme situations such a hail or a big storm, vinyl stands still, protecting you from everything. Vinyl siding in NY is one of the most versatile options you can take when talking about siding, so if you like to try new things and combine styles, this is your material. This material can be shaped in any way your imagination wants it to be, the color you want it to be, and the size you want it to be.

This material is perfect for houses since it’s affordable compared to other siding materials. But being a cheap material doesn’t mean a decrease in its quality, and that’s because vinyl offers you excellent resistance and longevity that more expensive materials don’t. However, prices may change depending on the supplier.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Smart Roofing NYC is a company that offers both roofing and siding services in New York City! Whether you are looking for an NYC roofing contractor in Queens or Brooklyn, we are ready to provide you our services. Don’t worry about looking for different companies to take care of your house, because we offer you our help and support in everything you need. Let us be the ones that boost your home with brand-new vinyl siding!

Aluminum Siding

What Makes Aluminum Siding So Good?

Most of the siding materials add a remarkable improvement to your house that only that specific material can offer. Aluminum is a not-so-expensive material even though it provides you all the advantages that the other siding materials do.

There are many individual improvements that this material can give you. Since we want you to be as safe and comfortable as you can, take a look at this list of some of the benefits of using aluminum siding.


Having issues in your house that keep growing and getting worse ends up being harmful to the people that are frequenting your place. Other siding materials absorb moisture and water, making you suffer from numerous illnesses and health problems. Aluminum is a strong material and protects you from all those issues.

Aluminum is completely waterproof and doesn’t rust, so you don’t have to worry about moisture causing you any problem. This material is also insect-proof and fire-resistant, so you are given benefits that you could have ever imagined having by just installing a new siding for your home.


Aluminum, like other materials, is available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. However, that’s not the only thing you can change in aluminum siding since you can also choose different textures! So, you have a unique and original way to modify your home’s aesthetics and make it look different than all the other houses while being safe in it.

Install Your Aluminum Siding with Us!

We know you want to receive the best siding you can ask for, and we are ready to provide you that! Smart Roofing NYC prioritizes your safety and comfort along with a team of experts that enjoy improving your house as much as you enjoy living in it.

We offer our service in any place in New York City, so if you were looking for a roofing or siding company that was near you, you have already found it! Contact us, and we assure you quality service that makes your house shine with new beauty and safety that you have never experienced before. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with our services and sidings, so we have a solution if you feel a little bad for damaging the environment with other materials. Aluminum siding is an eco-friendly option that doesn’t let you down when discussing the perks and advantages that any siding should have.

Aluminum panels are 100% waterproof, so you are free of leaks or ponding water that can ruin your day. This material offers a lot of protection and a lot of aesthetic options too! Whether you want it to be vertical or horizontal, aluminum siding can adapt to your ideas and needs and still provide you a top-tier quality.

Wood Siding

If you decide to use wood for your house’s sidings, you better prepare yourself to say hello to shinier mornings and a classic aesthetic that many people wish to have in their homes. With so many new siding materials on the market, some people may think that wood days are over and that it can’t give you the advantages that other materials give you, but that’s not true.

Wood is one of the materials that made siding so famous and useful in the first place, offering a versatile material that can’t be compared to any other when talking about aesthetics. This abundant and renewable material doesn’t let you down when you need it and fairly rewards those who try it for their buildings.

Benefits of Wood Siding

You can come to the question: What does wood offer that other materials don’t? And the answer is pretty impressive. Wood is a sustainable siding material that doesn’t harm the environment in any way, being a 100% eco-friendly material that is always available for you to choose it. However, here is a list of the great benefits of using woof siding to help you notice how marvelous this material is:

The Most Environmentally-Friendly Material

Most of the siding materials are considered eco-friendly just because they can be recycled and don’t represent any harm to the environment. There is nothing wrong with that, but wood offers more advantages. This material is renewable because many of the trees that people use for construction grow incredibly fast, making it a sustainable and easy-to-get material.

Being renewable is not its only eco-friendly asset since wood is biodegradable, making itself a compost-like substance that helps the ground process keep going. And finally, this material requires way less energy to be extracted than other materials that need heavy machines to be manufactured.

Unique Aesthetics 

We said wood provides a warm and home-like aesthetic to your house, but that’s not the only thing it can do! You can either paint or stain wood in whichever way you want to without jeopardizing its functions, making it a material that can fit with any aesthetic you want it to work with.

Want to Start Your Siding Installation? Call Us!

We love to see how happy our clients are when they get their new roofs or sidings, and that’s why we do everything in our hands to offer the best service that you can ask for. If you have any roof-related problems or want to install a new siding for your house, we are your team!

Smart Roofing NYC has an experienced team with many materials and different types of roofs and sidings, so we are ready to provide you with a top-tier service that can make your house look and feel way better than you could have ever imagined. Call us and let us take care of your home!

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