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A stucco is an excellent option for anyone looking for an exterior finish. It is incredibly versatile and also durable, meaning that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its application procedure is very similar to that of plaster; however, plaster is used for interior finishes. Stucco is specifically designed to be used on the exterior of a property. There are two different types of stucco: the traditional three-coat stucco and the more modern one-coat stucco. Both are incredibly effective and are suitable for use in different situations. One coat stucco is used more often due to it being more cost-effective and efficient to apply.

One-coat Stucco Services in NYC

It is a popular siding choice for both residential and commercial properties. Stucco’s use provides a building with an insulated and durable covering that Smart Roofers NY can customize to the property owner’s desires. One coat stucco uses paper, wire, and foam backing covered by two exterior coats of stucco. The top layer of stucco is always needed for the finish, and because of this is not counted as a layer.

This modern stucco uses the foam backing in place of the scratch coat used in traditional three-coat stucco. This is then covered with cement that has been reinforced with fiberglass. The single coat is a blend of Portland cement, sand, fibers, and also water. Single coat stucco is applied on top of a rig Styrofoam board. This eliminates one of the cement layers that a Stucco would generally use in the traditional stucco application process. The foam board’s use reduces the costs and the time needed to apply layers of the stucco.

The top coat of stucco is still added, and this coat can be customized entirely by incorporating different textures and colors into its design. This allows you to make your property unique. This method has become preferred to the original three-coat process as it is more cost-effective and time-efficient while also sharing the same benefits.

Some of the Stucco benefits that you enjoy after the application of one coat stucco to your property are:


The fiber-reinforced finish resists any cracking while also reinforcing the structural strength of the building.

Design versatility

The ability to customize the topcoat’s texture and colors means that the stucco design can be uniquely yours.

Fire resistance

Stucco has fire-resistant properties, meaning that your property is at a lower risk of catching fire.

Insulation from the elements

New York is notorious for having some frigid winters. Stucco is an excellent solution to this problem and provides excellent insulation for any property.

Effective performance in different climates

Stucco can be extremely durable in various weather conditions and patterns, regardless of NYC’s whether if it is cold, hot, wet, or dry.


It has some water-resistant properties, meaning that it does a great job at sealing your property, preventing leaks in the process.


Our Stucco experts can use it in many different buildings such as commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Rich finish

Stucco has a much richer finish than that of siding or wood.

Sound Proof

New York is a bustling city, meaning that there is consistent noise pollution. Stucco is exceptionally useful at soundproofing a property, giving you some much-needed peace.

These properties are why stucco is the first choice of exterior finish by most property owners. It makes for an excellent finish that adds great aesthetic value to the property and other benefits.

Another benefit that is often associated with one coat stucco is that it requires very little maintenance. This means that the overall cost of keeping it in good shape over its life cycle is meager. It is crucial to note that the one coat variant of stucco is thinner than the three-coat variant. This means that the traditional stucco is slightly more durable. For this reason, you must consult with a professional stucco contractor before choosing which variant to apply to your property.

Whether you need stucco on a new building, over existing siding, or need some repair work done, we can assist you in determining the best option for your needs. We can help you in understanding the best option for you within your budget.

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By choosing us as your stucco contractors, you are choosing a licensed and insured contractor to complete the job for you. This means that you are getting the best quality work done. Contact us today to provide you with a free estimate and an inspection that is free of any obligations.

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