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When talking about construction, you have many services available for you; roofing, siding, or replacing any of those. Stucco is one of those services, being a fascinating option that offers a lot of benefits. But, with so many materials to work with on the market, why stucco?

That is a question that many have asked themselves while thinking about the great variety of materials that are available for them. Metal, wood, stone, and many others wait for you to choose them, but we still recommend choosing stucco. That’s because it offers you unique advantages that other materials could never provide you. So, read the reasons why you should consider installing stucco in your house:


Naturally, many materials and processes deliver you tons of improvements; the only problem is that most of those services are expensive, which doesn’t help if you are working on a budget. Stucco, on the other side, gives you even more advantages and for a very reasonable price that leaves money for you to spend on other things you like.

This process is not that expensive because the materials required to do it are not that expensive themselves. The installation process is also simple, so while you still need to ask professionals to do it for you, they don’t need big and complicated machines to do it.

Weather Resistance

It’s normal for buildings to deteriorate and suffer a lot of damage from weather situations. Whether it’s an extreme situation or just a little change that your material can’t hold, the problems that weather brings to your building are numerous. Those problems are usually the cause of other issues that can even hurt the people living in your house.

You don’t want to get hurt or your building to get damaged, so the best is that you invest in materials that can resist that kind of situation. Stucco has excellent weather resistance and fire resistance, so you don’t have to worry anymore about an external agent causing something inside your house to turn on the fire and ruin everything.


Stucco is a material known for being highly durable and resistant, being able to last decades if well maintained. While some people need to replace their sidings numerous times due to structural problems and external issues, the ones who install stucco have more than enough time to do whatever they want without worrying about replacing anything.


As mentioned before, stucco is durable and a highly resistant product that saves you a lot of money from constant repairs. The whole idea of stucco is based on being a product that can save as much time and money as possible, so the process is designed to assure you the shortest number of potential problems.

Variety of Protection Options

This process has many ways to be done, so many types of stucco offer you many advantages apart from the traditional ones. An excellent example of this is EIFS stucco, which provides better protection than the standard stucco and provides water protection, eliminating moisture and leak problems.

Who Do I Call in NYC If I Want to Install Stucco?

Stucco’s installation process is an essential part of it since it determines if the product works and lasts or if it gets useless after a short time. You need professionals to install your stucco, and Smart Roofing NYC has the best team of professionals to take care of anything stucco-related.

We can get to any area in New York City. We are ready to provide you with stucco installation or repairing services and roofing, siding, and maintaining services to help you feel safe and comfortable in your house. Give us a call and let us advise you on everything you need to do! 

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